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Savings Account Options

ACBLA offers a variety of ways for you to save. Take a look at just a couple of our options below.

Calculate Your Savings

Regular Passbook Account

With a minimum balance of $25.00 to open, our Passbook Savings account compounds interest daily and posts the total interest to your account on a quarterly basis. Please note, you are limited to 6 ACH withdrawals/transfers per month with this savings account.

Christmas Club

Deposit money at any time in your Christmas Club Account and receive a check for the total amount in the month of October, perfect timing for Christmas shopping. The opening amount can be $.01 up to the maximum amount permitted of $10,000.00, but no deposits are permitted to the account if the balance in your account is $10,000.00. With the Christmas Club Account the interest compounds daily and is posted to your account on a quarterly basis.

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